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What We Do

For the times there just aren’t enough hours in the day or days in the week

Simply call and let us put some flexibility back into your personal schedule and provide an additional layer of support to your family life.  We want to give you the gift of time.

  • Out of time?
  • Hectic Schedule?
  • No time to find that perfect present?
  • Forget birthdays or anniversaries?
  • When is your MOT due?
  • When is the household Insurance Due?


We can offer you a flexible, reliable and convenient solution to personal management. We are not office bound and can work wherever and whenever you need us.

We can help you with mundane tasks such as home cleaning, and errand running, right through to event planning, secretarial services and personal shopping.


We are completely flexible which enables us to cater to your exact requirements whether its ad hoc assistance you require, regular personal support or a fixed term assistant, simply call and let us remove the obstacles from your life.

Client confidentiality is paramount to our operation, we therefore do not pass your details to any third party unless specifically required for a task, we would then gain your permission in advance.

For the times you would much rather be doing something else
simply call and let us remove the obstacles from your life
Phone Christine 07855 762 860